Thursday, October 01, 2009

Not Mine, But I Wish It Were

From a fellow Viriginian who is in the trenches doing what needs to be done:

Many of you are rightly concerned about the proposed slavery legislation. It is NOT healthcare. Healthcare is about helping people prevent disease, and getting treatment when they need it. It is not about mandating coverage, mandating taxpayer dollars for abortion, or allowing the IRS to look at your finances to determine your eligibility for treatment, or decide what treatment you can have.

NOTHING in any of the proposed "reforms" are constitutional and not a single provision will improve your health. Sorry, Dems. Health begins at home, not in D.C.

Our strategy is this: Keep the message simple. Focus on the core issue.

We will not allow the Democrats, leftists, and their ilk, to put a ring in our nose.

We will not allow them with their 500+ amendments to distract us from our core message.

We will not hit the phones 500 times a day and waste our breath. We know that they are watching....that's why the bill has been delayed. (Oh yeah, some crisis).

Our core message is quite simple:

1) the federal government with its byzantine regulatory system that squeezed OUT insurers and refused to enact sensible tort reform legislation created this mess. The FDA is a joke.

2) That created obscene drug prices, defensive medicine, and limited the choice of insurers for private citizens. All that equals higher costs.

3) Therefore the creator of the problem is the least qualified to solve it.

Keep calling your alleged representatives and keep your message simple:

1) No mandatory ANYTHING from the Federal Government. It doesn't have that right.

2) Demand genuine tort reform- that will reduce costs on several fronts

3) Get rid of legislation that limits the amount of health insurance companies, and that limits genuine competition. The general public will still be protected against fraud and malfeasance.

4) Promote- without tax dollars- healthy lifestyles that are known to prevent chronic degenerative disease.

5) Eliminate the ceiling on deducting medical costs and preventative care on income taxes for individuals.

6) Get the Federal Government out of the health care business. If states want it, they have the Constitutional right to pursue it.

7) Let the Congress pay for its own health care. Better yet, get rid of Congressional perks that encourage an eternal political class.

This can be done with simple bills. ALL of the above will significantly lower health care costs and increase the overall health of people. All of the above will actually increase your liberty.

These are times when we do need to be alert. These can be scary times. Yet, we are growing stronger everyday. More and more people are waking up. The flame of liberty is getting stronger in people's hearts. We are having an effect. We are changing the conversation.

Don't let those who would enslave you with their doublespeak and their warnings of dire consequences frighten you.

Take hold of the truth.

Stand for liberty and for your children and grandchildren.

God Bless America (She needs it).

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