Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mr Murdoch Always Saves The Best For Last

Obamacare unredeemed

Minus public option, Dems block GOP options
Deroy Murdoch
Washington Times

"Every bill produced and every vote cast by Senate Democrats reveals that they want higher taxes, less choice, less competition, and government making your medical decisions," says Michael Cannon, the Cato Institute's director of Health Policy Studies. "Nothing good can come of health reform in this Congress."

Democrats show zero interest in market-friendly, patient-centered ideas such as using refundable tax credits to make health insurance more affordable, granting universal access to health-savings accounts, or allowing Americans to buy health insurance across state lines (much as Democrats usually support the right of minors to cross state lines to receive abortions). Most Democrats spurn these ideas as threats to a gargantuan, bureaucratic system that will devour tax dollars and deliver subpar care. Regardless of the government option's shaky prognosis, when it comes to lower-cost Republican health care proposals that actually could help patients, Democrats just say, "No."

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