Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Obama to address our children September 8th

Consternation is widespread throughout the conservative blogosphere. President Obama is going to address our children on September 8th.

Many are advocating that parents should take their children out of school at that time.


These are the same kids that don't listen to anything we say. Adults are mainly an inconvenience. Grammar school kids could care less what the President says. This could be a learning opportunity for them and for the parents. Here is a chance to talk to the kids about how the President is wrong about so many things.

And if the students are older, and you're worried that they might be "influenced" by Obama's speech, why haven't you taught your children better? It's your job to inoculate you children from all diseases, including Progressivism.

Yes, yes, I know. The first step is to limit exposure to any disease...Hello? The kids ARE ALREADY IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL and WATCH TV.

It can't get worse than that. Besides, exposure to Obama may act as a vaccine when his speech and transcript end up on the web. Its your job as parents to find that video and discuss it with your kid.

Unless, like my daughter, you could care less about some face on the TV that's not Hannah Montana.




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